Community policing or neighbourhood policing is a policing strategy and philosophy based on the notion that community interaction and support can help control crime, with community members helping to identify suspects, detain vandals and bring problems to the attention of police.


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Residents Master The Art of Self-Defence

Residents master the art of self-defence

Residents of all ages learning self-defence techniques as part of the community policing exercise.

PETALING JAYA: Instead of spending the weekend lazing around at home, 70 residents from SS20 decided to do something more constructive -- learn the useful art of self-defence.

They woke up at 7am to participate in a self-defence session led by ASP Yap Khiam Wai, followed by neighbourhood patrolling by two horses and two police dogs.Residents learnt ways to protect themselves before witnessing how the trained horses and dogs from the Federal Reserve Unit worked during the neighbourhood patrol.

Chief Inspector Thomas Sulok of the Damansara police station brought in the calvary and canine unit as a community relations project.

Chief Insp Thomas Sulok
He said the training in self-defence was part of the Citizen Arrest exercise. He praised the residents for organising the community programme and hoped more residents will come forward to learn about self-defence"This is our first time patrolling the neighbourhood with the canine unit.

A month ago we brought the calvary unit and conducted a similar self-defence session. "We are still at the early stage of introducing community policing to the residents but they are fast and enthusiastic learners," he said.Sulok said the SS20 community was large and called for both the north and south zone residents to participate in the exercise.

Residents welcomed the interactive session with the police force and hoped the self-defence sessions would be held more frequently.


Mano August 12, 2010 at 2:01 AM  


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