Community policing or neighbourhood policing is a policing strategy and philosophy based on the notion that community interaction and support can help control crime, with community members helping to identify suspects, detain vandals and bring problems to the attention of police.


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The cops can dance, too!

The cops can dance, too!

WHO said that the policemen are no fun to be with? Ask the residents of SS20 Damansara Kim and they will tell you that they even enjoy a dance or two.

The police showed their friendly side when they danced with residents during a recent get-together with the SS20 Damansara Kim residents.

The SS20 Rukun Tetangga had organised the Hari Mesra bersama Polis at the Central Zone field in their neighbourhood.

In conjunction with the Merdeka celebration, the police and SS20 residents danced together to the tune of patriotic songs like Jalur Gemilang and Tanggal 31.

The dance was led by PJ Utara Unity Line Dance Council chairman Elena Tan. The council members also performed fan line dances.

Get down on it: The cops showing their lighter side during the event.
Even the neighbourhood patrol dog joined on the fun and danced alongside.
Andrew Chong, a member of the Ketua Jiran Mas Rukun Tetangga, then lead the crowd for a Xiang Gong (Fragrant Qi Gong) exercise.

“This is an ice-breaking session for police and residents,” Chong said.
SS20 Rukun Tetangga chairman Eileen Thong, who was also the organising chairman for the event, said the aim of the event was to instil patriotism and promote good neighbourliness.
“It is also to promote interaction between the police and residents and among residents,” she said.

Thong also took the opportunity to announce to the residents that their neighbourhood had been chosen for the first community policing programme in Selangor.
Before the event, Rukun Tetangga committee members also visited residents’ homes to explain about the programme.

“We must also get to know our own neighbours better so that we can learn to care for each other and therefore watch out for each other. This will go towards combating crime to an extent,” Thong said.

Chief Insp Thomas Sulok, the officer-in-charge (OCS) at the Damansara police station, his deputy Sjn Mejar Jipa Langob and other policemen were presen at the event.
Residents took the opportunity to interact with the police personnel over tea after the performances.

TTDI Rukun Tetangga secretary S, Murigiah, who was also invited to the event, said TTDI residents hoped to launch their own neighbourhood watch as well.

Nordin Mansor of the Damansara Utama Residents and Owners Association (DUROA), also an invited guest at the event, said there should be more inter-racial activities such as this.
“It’s not necessary to hire security guards if neighbours look out for each other,” he said.
Rukun Tetangga security committee coordinator Chiam Tow San, who has been staying in SS20 for the past 30 years, said the community policing programme was a positive start.

“This will be a joint effort in creating awareness and to have meetings and voluntary patrolling. I also make friends with the Alam Flora people and we sometimes trim the trees ourselves. We don’t rely on the MBPJ,” he said.
Tuesday September 16, 2008 - The Star


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