Community policing or neighbourhood policing is a policing strategy and philosophy based on the notion that community interaction and support can help control crime, with community members helping to identify suspects, detain vandals and bring problems to the attention of police.


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Citizen-Forcused Policing

Citizen-Forcused Policing
Citizen-focused policing is a new way of policing in which the needs and expectations of individuals and local communities are always reflected in police decision-making and service.
We want to change the way people experience policing and community safety services on the ground, by focusing on the needs of the individuals and communities that receive and use police services.

We believe that citizens must feel that the police and the criminal justice system put them first.

A radical change in police approach

It is this simple: the needs and concerns of citizens should always be integral to the way policing is conceived, managed and delivered.

This is not a bolt-on to existing ways of doing business, but something that requires a cultural and operational change. Citizen-focused policing does not only apply to the public-facing parts of the organisation, but to everyone within all forces, at all levels, whatever their function.

Five critical elements

There are five key workstreams to the citizen-focused policing programme:

-improving the experience of those who have contact with the police

-embedding neighbourhood policing into local communities

-effective community engagement – which includes consultation, marketing and communications, and public involvement

-public understanding and local accountability of policing

-organisational and cultural change to bring about increasingly responsive services where feedback from frontline staff and the public is used continuously
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